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How is this training better than attending a coaching institute?

Koramangala - Weekends

Time : 10 a.m - 1pm / 2:30 - 5:30 pm

Online - Week days

Time : Flexible

Duration : 30 hours

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How are the training sessions scheduled?

Yes, all participants receive inputs for the entire duration of the training. Not only that, the lessons continue till the day of the exam. Evaluation and feedback are constant processes and the tutor is available for the same.

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Are there daily lessons & assistance on non-class days?
I need help only with writing. Are classes available?

While it's possible to join the sessions when the writing tasks are covered, one must understand that lessons on grammar and vocabulary, which comprise 50% of the writing assessment criteria, are taught from day one as language learning cannot be compartmentalised into the 4 skills that are tested in the exam.

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Each batch of students is coached differently according to their specific needs. So even after the classroom sessions end, assignments and assessment continue to be given on mail.

Do I get help after the training and guidance before the exam?

The training is specifically designed to help participants understand how the writing section is assessed in the exam and the techniques to cross the 6.5 barrier.

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Will the coaching help me improve my writing score from 6/6.5?

A highly proficient and certified trainer offering sessions in small batch sizes, providing individual attention to each participant, evaluating every speaking/writing assignment and giving feedback till the time the exam is taken.

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